[opus-announce] OPUS 4.1.0 Released

Colin Turner c.turner at ulster.ac.uk
Fri Feb 13 02:43:26 GMT 2009

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Today I am releasing the signed archives for version 4.1.0 of OPUS and
the Debian packages are now available from our repository too.

This version fixed numerous minor bugs, adds some features and improves
others. It also has a security related fix and you should upgrade when
you can.

On Debian or related systems, a simple upgrade command should handle it
all automatically for you.

Please do read the release notes below, and backup your database before

OPUS 4.1.0 - Release Notes

Please read the following notes for issues before upgrading your
OPUS installation.

Notes for Users
- ---------------

* A number of errors on navigation, mostly cosmetic have been corrected.
  Various inconsistencies in navigation have also been fixed.

* A handful of pages that showed no page title or tagline have been
  identified and fixed.

* The navigation for staff users has been simplified considerable and a
  number of options that weren't allowed by policy anyway removed from
  the menus.

* Bugs causing slow performances in textareas in some browsers have been
  fixed (bug #371).

* Some minor errors in photograph retrieval and display have been
  corrected (bug #412). Photos are also displayed in some other areas
  as appropriate.

* fixed some minor issues with workflow when maniulating placements,
  and a harmless SQL error on placement manipulation has been removed
  (bug #391).

* The manual, while still rather incomplete, is vastly more complete
  than it was for version 4.0.2. You can install the manual on Debian
  by selecting the package opus-doc, or download it from the project

* The ability to configure other assessors that existed in 3.x has been

* A number of problems editing assessment structures have been
  identified and fixed, and textareas in assessments now show character

* Minor permission problems have been found and fixed.

* We have added a commented out line in the supplied apache2.conf for
  Ubuntu which stores Smarty in a slightly different place.

* CV group descriptions did not "stick" when changed which has been

* OPUS now can automatically create notes for the logged in user on
  certain actions. For example, it now stores placement status changes
  for users in notes.

* Companies now have a place for Health & Safety compliance to be
  recorded, which are stored in notes automatically upon changes.

* A problem was identified when associations between administrators and
  various academic units were removed, and has been fixed.

* CVs can now be emailled, several at a time (bug #390).

* Student's can now have their internal CV store manipulated by
  administrators on their behalf. This is true even for OPUS / PDSystem
  combination systems.

* Instructions for dealing with applicant lists have been expanded and

* Vacancy lists can now be sorted by closing date.

* The popup calendar has been changed to one with no license issues.

* Various minor fixes in the reporting functionality, augmentation to
  the existing student broadsheet to include placement email, and a new
  report has been added to show which companies we have had vacancies

* A number of new fields have been added to the student entry, including
  address fields. A "quick note" has been added that allows a number of
  keywords to be attached to a student. Students can then be searched
  for by this field in the student directory.

* A few minor problems with cookies have been found and solved.

Notes for Administrators
- ------------------------

* OPUS now requires version 1.1.0 or higher of the UU Web Application
  Framework. If you have not yet upgraded that, do this first. You can
  find it at


  but note that the Debian packaging will handle this automatically.

* OPUS now uses tiny_mce and not xinha as an embedded HTML editor, the
  Debian packages now use the Debian packaged tiny_mce and not an
  inbuilt version. Note that this might result in textareas not showing
  in the editor in your Apache configuration does not contain an alias
  for tiny_mce. If this happens add the following, or with
  appropriately changed paths and restart apache.

  Alias /tinymce/ /usr/share/tinymce/www/
  <Directory "/usr/share/tinymce/www/">
    Options Indexes MultiViews FollowSymLinks
    AllowOverride None
    Order allow,deny
    Allow from all

* Some installations reported a PHP version that should support a date
  parsing function, but did not have that function. A workaround has
  been added.

* OPUS can now, within in its log viewer, handle compressed log files
  in a totally transparent manner.

  We also provide a sample configuration for log rotation to compress
  files automatically, which allows a very large history to be
  maintained, easily searched and not take up excessive disk space. The
  Debian packages will automatically enable log rotation.

* A new configuration option allows students to be emailled upon their
  account creation (optionally). To enable this, add the following line
  to your local configuration file.

  $config['opus']['email_students_on_creation'] = true;

* The standard CSV mapping now has one more, ninth parameter, which is
  optionally a different username from the reg_number. It can be safely
  left blank. You may need to adjust the replacement field of any
  existing mapping, by adding


  to it. A number of issues with the CSV handling have been improved or


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Dr Colin Turner CMath CSci FIMA
Senior Lecturer
028 9036 8084
School of Engineering
University of Ulster

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