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This is a home for the development of Free and Open Source Software at the Ulster University or its partners.

We are currently rebuilding the site from scratch with new software to provide better facilities. Please bear with us. We have taken the decision when moving to new software to start the bug and support trackers from scratch. Apologies if this requires you to refile an issue, but it was the only clean solution.

This web site is intended to co-ordinate development, distribution and maintenance of Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) projects that originate from the University of Ulster, or otherwise help and assist the open source community in Northern Ireland or beyond. If you have such a project within the University, or beyond, consider registering it for hosting here.

Free Software does not refer to price, but your freedom to use, modify and distribute it. Open Source software is software where the code is available to you, but this does not imply you have the rights to do what you wish with it.

This server is the main development area for u3 software projects, particularly OPUS and PACE

Besides the software development facilities offered on this server, there are more resources to be found here on the foss wiki (FOSS).

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OPUS: FOSS Migration
OPUS code and downloads available again
Added by Colin Turner almost 7 years ago

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