• FOSS

    This is a meta-project for managing FOSS itself.

  • Piglet Productions

    Old code for projects written by Colin Turner and Chris McCandless aimed at Fidonet technology networks. This is really a meta project to contain the others.

    • BBS Lister

      This is a small listing to produce lists of BBSs from FTN nodelist files.

    • FDDU

      FrontDoor Dumb Util is a small utility that freezes and thaws FrontDoor installations when a non FD compliant program needs to run.

    • FDHis

      FrontDoor History Viewer is a standalone application to allow FrontDoor inbound and history and nodelist viewing to be done offline.

    • FDNLBrowse

      A standalone FrontDoor Nodelist Browser

    • FDNode

      This code was written to allow external tools to read (and write) FrontDoor nodelist indices. FrontDoor was a mailer for the Fidonet Technology Networks.

      This is an initial commit of the code into the wild as it where, although the code is almost untouched in 10 years. You will also need Joaquim's ctl.h from the FrontDoor Developers Toolkit, which isn't mine to distribute....

    • Piglets General Library

      Piglet Productions General Library.

  • Student Projects

    This is a meta project to look after student projects.

    • UUCDMS

      UU CDMS (University of Ulster Content & Document Management System) is a role based Content & Document Management System aimed at multi-site Academic organistations.

  • U3 Software

    This is Ulster University Useful (U3) software. This is a meta-project to group some of the central development projects within the University.

    • CLAM

      CLAM is a common authentication layer that can be used with OPUS, the PDSystem and other u3 software to broker authentication information. CLAM is implemented using PHP and uses a MySQL database.

    • OPUS

      OPUS is the On-line Placement University System, and is designed to facilitate
      placement operations for a school, college or university, released under the GPL v2 software license.

      It allows the following stakeholders access

      • Placement administrators from the university;...
    • PACE

      PACE is released under the GPL v2 License. This means that it is Free and Open Source Software (FOSS), effectively free for anyone else to install, use and modify to their own needs. The University of Ulster has taken this approach with their software to help build a user community that can support one another with the implementation of student employability agendas and benefit from contributions and enhancements driven by others....

    • Research Training System

      This is the University of Ulster training system to facilitate the tracking of training for PhD and similar students.

    • UUWAF

      The University of Ulster Web Application Framework is an important component underneath both PACE and OPUS.

    • WAM

      WAM is a Workload Application Modeller for use in Academic Departments, currently in early prototype development.

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