OPUS is the On-line Placement University System, and is designed to facilitate
placement operations for a school, college or university, released under the GPL v2 software license.

It allows the following stakeholders access

  • Placement administrators from the university;
  • Students, who can apply for jobs with CVs, download resources, etc.;
  • Companies and their HR staff, who can advertise jobs and recruit students;
  • Workplace supervisors who can assess students and get information;
  • Academic staff who visit students on placement.

OPUS is designed to

  • do tedious repetitive tasks for you, to help free up your time for the important tasks;
  • provide a mechanism for storing placement related information for audit;
  • give ownership to stakeholders;
  • greatly speed up the placement process;
  • provide speedy assessment functionality

and more. It is the sister project of PACE.

OPUS is a web application, and so needs a web server to be installed upon, it uses PHP, Perl and MySQL, all of which are available under free licenses.

OPUS development is led by the University of Ulster, and the product is actively maintained and supported. Ad Hoc support is available from the support menu above, and consultancy is available for more significant support.

If you wish OPUS to integrate to your Student Records System (SRS), you will also need to implement a small section of the code common to both it and the PACE (web services layer) for your SRS, if it is not already supported.

More details can be found below

We are still recommissioning or uploading the resources below.

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Manager: Colin Turner, Rob Ware

Developer: Colin Turner, Rob Ware

Reporter: Colin Turner, Rob Ware

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