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# Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Updated
65FeatureClosedNormalProvide appropriate landing page and functionality for external examinersColin Turner10/09/2017 12:50 PM
64BugNewNormalUnknown users need better information that this is why they cannot access the system08/23/2017 09:37 AM
62BugClosedNormalDeleted forms in allocations of modules to staff members or vice versa can trigger validation errorsColin Turner11/04/2016 09:51 PM
60FeatureClosedNormalAllow staff allocation details to be succinctly displayed for a reportColin Turner08/29/2016 02:35 PM
59FeatureClosedNormalIt should be possible to restrict access to modules with content in given semesters in loads by module viewColin Turner08/29/2016 02:33 PM
58SupportClosedNormalNeeds to be possible to remove retired members of staffColin Turner08/29/2016 10:09 AM
57FeatureClosedNormalSpecify users to exclude from a work packageColin Turner08/29/2016 02:36 PM
56SupportNewNormalShow automatic scaling details on module view pageColin Turner07/18/2016 11:30 AM
53BugNewHighWork package cloning incorrectly clones module related custom activities linked to the original moduleColin Turner03/27/2017 11:36 AM
48FeatureNewNormalAllow an Activity to be created upon completion of a TaskColin Turner06/22/2016 12:34 PM
47SupportClosedNormalImprove output of Task Details to show line breaks and URLSColin Turner06/22/2016 12:35 PM
46BugClosedNormalEnsure time zones are correctly honoured in output templates.Colin Turner06/22/2016 12:36 PM
42BugIn ProgressNormalRemove obsolete ACADEMIC YEAR referencesColin Turner06/12/2016 07:42 PM
37FeatureClosedNormalAccess should be restricted to those enabled in some way.Colin Turner06/18/2016 01:41 AM
34FeatureClosedNormalExternal Examiners should be able to moderate courseworkColin Turner10/08/2016 10:45 PM
33FeatureClosedNormalExternal Examiners need addedColin Turner10/08/2016 10:43 PM
32FeatureClosedNormalProgrammes need addedColin Turner10/08/2016 10:45 PM
31FeatureClosedNormalModules should know their moderator and lead programme of studyColin Turner10/08/2016 10:41 PM
30FeatureClosedNormalAllow Exams and Coursework to be uploadedColin Turner10/08/2016 10:40 PM
27FeatureNewNormalAllow small news stories to be recordedColin Turner04/11/2016 04:06 PM

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